Frequently Asked Questions

Huntlink is 100% free to use the platform and book your next hunting trip.

It is absolutely free to LIST your farm and Huntlink then only takes a 15% (2018 launch special) commission on the deposit only. If we don’t send you a booking request, Huntlink will cost you nothing.

Huntlink uses innovative software that allows the farmer to contact and screen the hunter within 24 hours from the moment the booking request is made and only thereafter “Accepts” or

If after 24hours no action was taken by the farmer, the booking request expires and the booking is declined.

“Declines” the booking deposit on

Huntlink integrates with Payfast that requires the Hunter to enter his/her credit card details and secures the deposit BEFORE the booking request is sent to the farmer. (Deposit amount based on a minimum 50% of the total day fee for the group of hunters for the time period booked.)

Arranged with Huntlink, the deposits for the month can either be payed out immediately, after 48 hours or monthly with a monthly tax invoice.

The farmer will receive an sms and email notifying the user of a new booking request.

Farmers can list trophy animals to hunt by adding a new listing under “Trophy” by selecting the species, horn length, price and an optional photo of the animal as well as the location of the farm and the size of the camp the animal will be hunted in. Only PH’s/Outfitters are able to contact the farmer about the trophy in question.

Please note that there is a once-off listing fee per trophy listed.

A listing can be boosted for  7 days by purchasing a “Boosted Post” and Huntlink will show your listing on the home page of as well as on our social media platforms.

Email us at for pricing and terms of service.